Ep 20: Africans, African Americans, & Cultural Challenges in Church w/ Edgar King & Ramon Mayo

On episode twenty, I have a conversation with Edgar King and Ramon Mayo to discuss a lot of different topics, including Church, theology, and ethnic diversity.

About Ramon:
Ramon Mayo is a writer, speaker, and youth coordinator at the South Suburban Vineyard Church. He breaks down Christian faith and theology for everyday folks at his blog http://ramonlmayo.comโ€‹. You can also follow Ramon on Twitter (@mayotron) and make sure to sign up for his newsletter on his website! Ramon is the author of "Reclaiming Diversity" (https://amzn.to/2MwYW94).

About Edgar:
Edgar has a passion for Jesus and for people. He enjoys traveling and contemporary music. He took over the leadership of Trinity Vineyard Church in April 2017 and has been the lead pastor since then leading the church into the next phase of bringing life to the city of Nakuru. Edgar is also on the National Leadership Board of the Association of Vineyard Churches of Kenya. Edgar was born and grew up in Nakuru. His father started the Nakuru Vineyard Christian Fellowship, where he first developed an interest in musical instruments and joined the worship team. His passion for worship was sparked at a Vineyard conference, where he encountered Jesus during worship sessions. Since then he has spent his time leading worship, training worship leaders in Kenya, and helping others grow in their journey toward Jesus.

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