Ep 19: Lament & Social Justice w/ Reese Hogg III

On episode nineteen I'm talking with my new friend Reese Hogg III. Reese and I have been connected through social media for awhile and finally had a chance to sit down and have a conversation. In addition to hearing Reese share his thoughts on social justice, church, and worship, he shared how lament and grief, after the murder of his son, has been a space for encountering God and learning about worship. I was unaware of this aspect of Reese's life and I'm still processing all that I have learned from him from this conversation.

About Reese:
Reese Hogg III is a recording artist, activist, pastor, and community leader. He is also the CEO and co-founder of the ANSA Investment Group LLC. Reese and his wife Miriam suffered the loss of their son Malik to violence in 2017, and following Malik’s murder, his killer was allowed to go free without an arrest or charges. Reese offers a first-person perspective of systemic racism and racial inequality. Reese’s Christian experience began early in life in an apostolic congregation where his father pastored for many years. As a preacher’s kid, Reese served in numerous capacities within the church. Later Reese joined Victory Baptist Church in Ridgecrest, CA, where he served in ministry for over 20 years before joining Ridgecrest Vineyard Church, a church plant of Palmdale Vineyard, where he served as pastor of compassionate ministries until his recent departure in December of 2020.

Follow Reese on social media (@ThirdmanMusic) and check out his food art: https://www.facebook.com/VENcommunal

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